Futures point to risk-on trading

US markets are set to reopen for trading today and futures are hinting that risk appetite could come into play. Dow 30 index futures for March delivery are up 72 points to 19,792.0 (+0.37%), S&P 500 index futures are up 7.50 points to 2,243.75 (+0.34%), and Nasdaq futures are up 23.38 points to 4,887.38 (+0.48%). […]

US markets continue to trade on a cheery note

US markets continue to trade on a cheery note as Wall Street chalked up back-to-back gains on Tuesday, thanks to stronger than expected US economic reports. The CB consumer confidence index for December came in above consensus at 113.7 versus 108.9, up from the positively revised 109.4 November reading. The Richmond index improved from 4 […]

Global markets dip slightly ahead of holidays

Global markets dip slightly ahead of holidays. Wall Street ended slightly in the red as traders continue to close positions ahead of the Christmas holidays. The Dow 30 index closed 32.66 points down to 19,941.96 (-0.16%), the S&P 500 index closed 5.58 points lower to 2,265.18 (-0.25%), and the Nasdaq ended 12.51 points to 5,471.43 […]

Wall Street chalks up feeble gains as caution looms

Wall Street chalks up feeble gains as caution looms. US equities managed to end in the green even as some degree of risk aversion was evident in the markets. The Dow 30 index closed 39.65 points up to 19,883.06 (+0.20%), the S&P 500 index closed 4.46 points up to 2,262.53 (+0.20%), and the Nasdaq closed […]

Global markets off to a positive start for the week

Wall Street ended lower on Friday as investors priced in the potential impact of higher borrowing costs on businesses and global growth. The Dow 30 slid 8.83 points down to 19,843.41 (-0.04%), the S&P 500 index dropped 3.96 points to 2,258.07 (-0.18%), and the Nasdaq slipped 19.69 points to 5,437.16 (-0.36%). Dow 30 index futures […]

Dow hits new record highs, S&P and Nasdaq lag behind

Wall Street was mixed at the start of the week as the Dow 30 index hit new record highs and is closing in on the 20,000 level. The Dow advanced 39.58 points to 19,796.43 (+0.20%) while the S&P 500 index ended 2.57 points down to 2,256.96 (-0.11%) and the Nasdaq dipped 31.96 points down to […]

Global equities press gains ahead of FOMC statement

Markets closed mostly higher last week as traders geared up for a likely Fed interest rate hike this week. The Dow 30 index advanced 142.04 points to 19,756.74 (+0.72%), the S&P 500 index closed 13.34 points up to 2,259.53 (+0.59%), and the Nasdaq rose 27.14 points to 5,444.50 (+0.50%). The German DAX was up 24.21 […]

Risk appetite rebounds after a shaky start

Futures and currencies started the week off on a shaky note as the Italian referendum results sent a fresh wave of political uncertainty in the region. However, markets quickly got back on their feet and ended the day higher as the day’s developments eased concerns about instability and a banking crisis. As it turns out, […]

Political uncertainty weighs on risk-taking

Global markets appear to be on edge at the start of this week, as the Italian referendum resulted in a vote rejecting constitutional reform. Prime Minister Renzi has stepped down from his post, likely leading to early elections in the coming months and additional political uncertainty in the region. In turn, investors expect this to […]

US equities mostly lower despite strong data

The Dow 30 index was up 1.98 points to 19,123.58 (+0.01%), the S&P 500 index was down 5.85 points to 2,198.81 (-0.27%), and the Nasdaq dropped 56.24 points to 5,323.68 (-1.05%). The S&P 500 VIX, which is considered a gauge of market uncertainty, was up 0.43 points to 13.33 (+3.33%) to reflect risk aversion. Economic […]