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Membership Cancellations / Refund Requests

The ITM Financial Membership comes with a Full 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Are You Eligible To Claim A Refund? - Full Refund Policy Explained Below.

To claim a full 100% refund regardless of whether you are a Monthly Subscriber or hold a Membership Package (if you have purchased a One-Off membership), all you need to show us is that the Total # of Losing Stock Market Picks was greater than the Total # of Winning Stock Market Picks during your first 60 days as a member (Start to End Date) - Simple!

If in the EXTREMELY UNLIKELY event that you have have received more losing picks than winning picks from ITM Financial over the first 60 days since your purchase date, please claim your refund by sending an email to info@stockmarketpicksitm.com with:

1. Subject Line: "ITM Financial - Refund Request"
2. Your Purchase/Order Receipt ID.
3. Email Address used when making the purchase.

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